Denver Botanic Gardens

Spread over 23 acres, the Denver Botanical Gardens is a peaceful oasis for the locals and visitors alike. Whether you are looking for a break from your busy life, wish to provide an educational experience to your kids, or just want to spend a couple of quiet hours with your partner, the garden is a great way to spend your afternoons in Denver. It is a place that is surely going to leave you in awe of the marvels of nature.


Denver Botanic Gardens was set up by the Colorado Forestry and Horticulture Association in the year 1951. The original location of the garden was close to City Park, covering an area of 100 acres, but later it was moved to York Street in 1958. The planting for its garden started in 1959, and it was then that the association received Waring York Street Mansion as a gift which forms the administration office today. The garden was among the first to use waste prevention techniques, biological pest management, and water conservation programs.

Top Attractions in Denver Botanic Gardens

This famous garden in Denver is famous for its natural beauty all over the world and is divided into 5-themed gardens –

  • Internationally Inspired Gardens – Even with the drastic climate change, many plants that grow in Asian and African climates are planted here. You can walk through the Japanese stroll garden featuring about 130 pines.

  • Gardens of the West – These 18 arid gardens have plants from the steppe climate of Colorado and offer all-season color and texture. It also houses the Lavender Garden and the Prairie Garden, which houses several native ornamental and native plants.

  • Shady Gardens – If you are visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Shady Gardens offer a respite from the Colorado heat. Walk down the Woodland Mosaic, or the Birds and Bees Walk, where you can experience the low light plants that cover the entire forest floor.

  • Ornamental Gardens – This section of the garden has a number of sensory plants with beautiful fragrances. There is also a Victorian-style garden with hardy plants to showcase a tropical escape.

  • Water Gardens – The Four Towers and the Monel Pools are filled with tropical water lilies for you to admire.

Each of the 50 gardens is separated by paths allowing you to explore each of them with ease. If you are taking kids along, don’t forget to visit the Mordecai Children’s Garden that allows them to some amazing hands-on activities. There are also a number of seasonal events and activities held throughout the year for the visitors. The Blossoms of Light Event during the winters is quite popular among the locals. You can check out their website for the current events before visiting.

Address – 007 York St, Denver, CO 80206, USA

Opening Hours – 9 am to 7 pm daily (last admission at 6 pm)

Closed on Holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving

Ticket Prices:


  • Adults – $15

  • Child and Student Tickets – $11

  • Discounts for military, veterans, and seniors

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