Should I Repair or Replace my Roof?

Professionally installed roofs can last for years, even decades, depending on the type of materials used. But even the best of roofs will not last forever. There will come a time when your aging roof will demand replacement. Roof replacement is not warranted in all situations. Like other home improvement projects, only the problem part of the roof can be repaired, and costly replacement can be put off in the future.

So, how do you decide if your roof needs to undergo repairs or should be completed replaced?

When to Get the Roof Repaired?

If you are confused about whether to repair or replace your roof, consider repair work in the following situations –

  • Minor Damage – If the damage to your roofs is minor, replacing them would be just an excessive expense. If the damage to limited to a certain area, a Denver roofing company, such as ATS Exteriors, can fix it without any issues. Any type of damage that is confined to a small area can easily be repaired, and there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on replacing it.

  • Tight Budget – Roof replacement is a big project and may put a dent in your finances, especially if you are not prepared for it. If you do not have an immediate fund to replace your roof, repairs will help save you thousands of dollars. What might seem like a big issue with the roof might just need a small repair job.

  • Maintaining Architectural Integrity of the Roof – When you replace the roof of a house, you basically change its look as well. If you live in a classic home, you would want to maintain its original roof for as long as you can. You can easily repair the roof to maintain the house in its classic look. At most, you might need to replace just a portion of the roof.

  • Service Cannot Wait – If you are pinched for time and cannot postpone repairs, your only option is to opt for roof repairs. Usually, a roof replacement needs time to get your finances in order. But, if the roofing issue such as a roof leak cannot wait, repairs will help get the issue fixed on short notice.

  • Roof Was Recently Replaced – If you have your roof replaced just a few years ago, a repair job is the best option to help see-through on your investment. You would want to keep your current roof in top working condition for as long as it is meant to be. Just because it has incurred minor damage does not mean you need to replace it now.

Your roofing company can provide you with the estimates to help weigh your options of what might be the best solution for your roof without having to put your house at risk.

When to Have the Roof Replaced?

In case of the following situation, it is best to have your roof replaced –

  • Present Roof has Reached Its Sell-by Date – Every roofing material have their sell-by date. Thus, depending on the kind of roofing materials used, it is best to have your roof replaced when the time is right. Sometimes, repairs do not allow you to get a matching look for your roof, and replacement is the best option for the visual consistency of your roof.

  • The Roof is Not Compliant with Latest Building Codes – If you have an old house and the roof does not follow the local building codes, it is best to have the roof replaced. You can run into issues for non-compliance if your roof is not up to codes.

  • Overwhelming Damage to Your Roof – Many times, your roof might be too damaged for repair work. For example, there are excessive leaks in multiple areas or a tree has fallen right on your house, it’s time to get a new roof. Any damage that covers more than 30 percent of your roof will have to be ultimately replaced.

  • The Roof was Damaged due to a Natural Calamity – Another situation where you are left with no other choice but to replace the roof is if it is damaged by a natural disaster. Tornados or hurricanes can damage the structural integrity of the roof even if it seems localized from the outside. It is best to have the roof replaced if it has incurred huge damage due to natural calamity.

  • Repairs Would be Temporary Stop-Gap – Most of the time, roof replacement costs less than repair work, but sometimes the difference is not substantial. If the difference in the price of repairs and replacement is minor, it is best to opt for a roof replacement, especially if the repair is just a stop-gap measure and you will still have to buy a new roof after some years.

  • You Need a New Roof – if you want to increase your Denver, CO house’s curb appeal, a new roof can give it the facelift it needs. Replacing your old and worn-out roof can help freshen up the exterior of your house and add value to your house if you are considering selling it in the future.

To help determine if your roof requires repair or should be replaced, it is best to hire a professional roofer. They will assess the damage and offer recommendations on the next steps. Their valuable advice can come in quite handy when making the right decision.

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