The Fascinating History of Denver, Colorado

The beginning point of the modern history of Denver, Colorado, starts around 1858 when a group of prospectors crossed the plains of Colorado to make a groundbreaking discovery on the foothills of Rocky Mountain, Gold. Even though the gold found wasn’t much in the region, the word spread around rapidly, causing a region-changing hype. The discovery of precious metal had such an impact on people around Colorado mainly because just nine years earlier, California Gold Rush occurred that changed many lives. 

Gold Rush Growth

As the world of gold discovery in Denver, Colorado, spread across the region, many fortune seekers and prospectors lined up with tents, wagons, log cabins, etc., at the South Platte River banks. One of the prospectors named William Larimer established Denver City, which was earlier inhabited mostly by the Arapaho Tribe. The influx of more than 100,000 prospectors, fortune seekers, and hopefuls forced the Native American tribe to move out from the region eventually. The massive population growth witnessed by the region forced the federal government to establish Colorado territory officially. 

In 1859, William N. Byers moved to Colorado from Ohio and started the Rocky Mountain News. William N. Byers aimed to calm the hysteria in the region caused by the gold rush and help bring stability. He tried to promote the Colorado Territory by depicting it the “Queen City of the Plains.”, but the Platte River wasn’t potent enough to live up to the words and expectations of William Byers. Many new commercial operations and industries that started in the region couldn’t survive for long. The City of Denver was incorporated in November 1861. 

Rise of Denver, Colorado

The city of Denver went through a major transformation between 1870 and 1890 when the railroads arrived. The population of the city of Denver increased from just 5,000 people to over 100,000 residents. It led to Denver becoming the second-most populated city in the West, right after San Francisco, California. However, the boom the city witnessed was short-lived and came to an end with the great depression of 1893. The Sherman Silver Purchase Act, bought into existence by President Benjamin Harrison, further worsened Denver’s situation. The act was made to bridge the value disparity between silver and gold. 

Today, even though Denver, Colorado, has become a modern city and one of the West’s most important commercial hubs, it retains its charm of “Wild West.” If you’re interested in the history of Denver, Colorado, you can always give Colorado History Museum a visit. Built in 1977, it has an exhaustive collection of historic documents, artifacts, paintings, and more, which showcases Colorado’s historical timeline and its transformation over the years. 

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