History of Broomfield, Colorado

The early beginnings of Broomfield, Colorado, can be traced back to 1880s, when it was just a rail junction on the Utah and Pacific Railroad. It housed an unorganized community that spanned across parts of Boulder County. The county’s name comes from broomcorn, primarily used to make brooms, which grew in plenty in the region. However, before being part of the Colorado County, it was considered a part of Kansas, Louisiana and Missouri Territory.

It primarily was a small agriculture community until 1955 when Turnpike Land Company came here and began widespread development. It led to the population explosion, and the population grew from just 125 in the beginning of 1950 to over 6,000 residents in the early 1960s.

Growth of Broomfield, Colorado

Around 1969, the territory of Broomfield continued to grow exponentially, leading to it annexing certain parts of neighboring counties. Subsequently, parts of Weld County, Jefferson County, and Adams County were annexed in the years to come. Broomfield became a county officially on November 15, 2001, 64th in the Colorado. Being a fairly new county, it doesn’t have a history of its own but shares its history with that of the counties it annexed and is now a part of.

Formation of a New County

The beginnings of the formation of a county began around 1990s when the locals felt it was too much hassle to deal separately with different court districts for legal and civil matters. The locals also found it extremely unrealistic to deal with four different county seats and county sales tax bases, which led to people calling for Broomfield, CO to be named a consolidated city-county like its neighboring Denver.

The residents of the city felt that having an own county government would make it easier for them to provide services, thrive economically, and make administrative tasks seamless. The efforts of the local people were finally realized on 15th November, 2001, when Broomfield became the 64th County of Colorado. It is the smallest county of Colorado, and the second most densely populated in Colorado, with the population just over 55,000.

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